How to repair bad credit

A credit score is basically the summery of your credit risk.  It is the compilation of the info provided by your credit history. A poor credit score will have a negative effect on your financial choices while a good credit score will boost them. If you have a poor credit, there is a high chance […]

Establishing a credit history- a beginner’s guide

Building a credit is tricky especially when you have zero credit history. Without a credit history, it is hard to get a credit card, loan and even an apartment among other things. Having a high credit score sis very helpful when you are trying to take on an insurance, mortgage, secure a loan, build a […]

Benefits of having a good credit score

A good credit score is very important in the financial world. With it, you can get bigger loans, a mortgage, buy a car, rent/buy a home and even get better. A good credit score has the potential to make your financial life easier. Here are some major benefits of having a good credit score You […]