About us

At Amazon Credits You, we understand the value of every penny that you earn and every penny that you spend from your pocket thus here we are here to provide a courtesy of credit cashback of price drops. Since there are many people unaware about the good features of Amazon in which you can get the net refund of any product that you bought and its price has dropped, within 30 days. To get your refund, you have to track the price changes every day and every moment and it sounds like a lot of work.

So, at Amazon Credits You, we make it easy. You just have to enter the code of the product that you have bought and its billed price with your email address. Rest of the work will be done by our expert team. Whenever there’s a price drop, you have to file for your refund at Amazon, so we have also come with upgraded services choosing which you will be eliminating your work of filing for a refund because our reliable team will also do that for you.

Our Team

At Amazon Credits You, we provide you the most efficient team of professional employees as well as our reliable cloud software. They make sure that you not only get notified about every price drop but also you get your credits. We have a separate skilled team that continuously works on the security of users’ accounts as if there are any leakages caused then your product detail and email address might also leak out your personal details. So, to make sure that your account details are safe, we keep working on your safety and online protection. We have built this company on good relationship with our customers so you can also rely on our trustworthy and valuable services.